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Get to know our Stockist Of The Month - Clover & Co

Here, at Peggy Sue, we love cultivating a community that slows down with beautiful moments of self-care. We also love partnering with incredible Stockists who share this same principle, and our Stockist of the Month - Clover & Co, is no different! 

Learn about Casey and Bec's journey on how they started Clover & Co and their inspiration behind the store. 


About Clover & Co

Clover & Co sprouted from sisters-in-law Casey and Bec's love for supporting Aussie brands & artisans of quality handmade products. They initially started Clover & Co as a side hustle, but their support and store grew and evolved into the gorgeous space today. Nestled in the 'Sapphire City' of Inverell, this store is a gem you must visit!

Headshot of store owners of Clover & Co

Clover & Co Owners, Casey & Bec

The all important questions

  1. Store Name? Clover & Co
  2. Where are you located? Inverell NSW
  3. Why did you start up this beautiful business of yours? We started back in 2017, we both had young babies at the time & both wanted a side-hustle & the idea to open a store literally happened at the dinner table! Initially, we were planning on opening a baby store, but our love for home & giftware saw the idea expand very quickly. Our first store was so teeny tiny and our side-hustle quickly grew into what it is today.
  4. Describe your business in three words? Good vibes always!
  5. What does self-care mean to you? As we are both Mums & own a business, we are super busy. Self care helps us to unwind & be our best selves for both our kids & our business. It's an absolute must!
  6. What is your favourite Peggy Sue product? Definitely the Vitamin C Serum - Makes our skin so soft!
  7. What is your ultimate life hack? Just have an air fryer...especially if you have kids!
  8. If you were stuck on an island & could only bring three things with you what would they be? Peggy Sue Lip Conditioner, Frank Green Drink Bottle, Mr Consistent Margarita Mix.
Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Clover & Co!  💖



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