Frequently Asked Questions


1. What payment methods do you have?

We offer payments via Credit Card, Paypal and Afterpay. Your Peggy Sue Pennies also act like store credit, so whatever you have banked up, you can use towards your purchase.

2. How do I redeem my Peggy Sue Pennies?

Yay! You've got some Pennies saved up. All you need to do is sign in to your account and then proceed to the payment section at checkout. You'll then see the option to redeem your Peggy Sue Pennies above our other Payment methods. Just select the check box and checkout as normal.

3. Does pricing include taxes?

Yes, our prices already have 10% GST added, so no cheeky extra's charged at checkout.

4. Where do you ship to?

We ship all around Australia. At this time, we do not ship Internationally.

5. How long will my delivery take?

Check our shipping + delivery page for more details on shipping timelines.

6. Do you have any stores?

Sadly we no longer have a shop-front. BUT you might still be able to find Peggy Sue in a store near you through our big wholesale network. Check our Store Finder.

7. Is my data safe?

It sure is friend! It would be our worst nightmare if your information got into the wrong hands, which is why we don't share ANYTHING. Your payment information and personal details are kept hush hush and safely secure.


1. My pump isn't working, can I get a new one?

You absolutely can, but before we do that, can you try one thing for us first? Our pumps can, on occasion, get little pesky air bubbles stuck at the bottom of the straw, especially after shipping. So try giving the bottle a big ol' tap (on a towel or something soft - it is glass afterall) so that the product compresses at the bottom and then give that pump another whirl. If you're still having troubles, then contact our team to organise a replacement at

2. I'm not happy with my purchase, can I return it?

Well this makes us sad - sorry you're not satisified with your purchase! You can return it to us as long as it is unused and unopened (or if it's faulty). Check our Returns Policy for more info or contact the team at

3. I purchased a product from a stockist. Can I return it to you?

Products + Ingredients

1. Are your products pregnancy safe?

Although we always use safe levels of essentials oils, we do always recommend to check with your doctor before use AND doing a patch test to make sure you're good to go.

2. Where are your products made?

All of our products are made in Australia. We make some products ourselves in our Wollongong warehouse or we use local manufacturers or even small-town farmers!

3. Do you test your products on animals? 

Absolutely not! None of our products are tested on our furry little friends - as it should be.

4. Do you use synthetics in your products?

All of our products contain 100% natural ingredients. That means no synthetics, no parabens, no sulphates or any other nasties that you don't want on your skin.

5. Are all of your products vegan?

A lot of our products are vegan friendly, however we do use Beeswax in our Lip Conditioner and Rosy Lip Tint as we have found that has the best result while using natural ingredients. We are always trying to improve though, so if you've found something that works just as well, let us know!

6. Do your products contain palm oil?

We don't use palm oil as an ingredient, however most cosmetic emulsifiers and a large amount of emollients contain palm oil derivatives. We choose to pay extra and use the sustainable options which are orangutan friendly.

7. What's in the seeded paper and how do I use it?

Our seeded paper currently has the seeds of Swan River Daisies (Brachycome Iberidifolia). It is Indigenous to Central Australia and prefers light-medium soils in an open, sunny position. It is a hardy drought + frost resistant plant so great for those of us that struggle to keep our plant-babies alive.

To use your card, soak it in water until it's soft. Place it on seed-raising mix in a pot or the ground and lightly cover with more mix and water, ensuring the paper stays moist. You should start to see little sprout-lets in 7-21 days.

8. How much Vitamin C is in your Vitamin C Serum?

Because our Vitamin C Serum gets its Vitamin C content from fruit extracts, we don't give our serum a specific vitamin c percentage. This is because the amount of Vitamin C between individual fruits varies (eg. Every lime is completely different to the next). More important than the percentage amount, for us though, is the long term availability of Vitamin C in our serum.

Generally the Vitamin C content for a mainstream serum comes from a synthetic purified ascorbic acid. Studies have shown that, typically, the percentage of synthetic Ascorbic Acid (vitamin c), used in the vast majority of vitamin c serums, decreases in 20-80 days. This means a product may start with a high percentage of Vitamin C but that amount will steadily decrease over a short period of time. Whereas, the stable Vitamin C found naturally inside the extracts in our serum holds steady for over 2 years.

9. My Vitamin C Serum isn't pink. Why?

We get it, pink is the BEST, but there is good reason why this guy may have gone clear. Our Vitamin C is packed full of natural, skin-loving ingredients, which means we can see variations between batches, including the beautiful pink hue. We have also found that while it's pink to begin with, over time and with exposure to things like the sun + heat, it does tend to lose it's colour and turn clear. Not to worry though - it is still just as AMAZING for your skin!

Press + Collabs

1. I'm an influencer and would love to collab. How can I contact you?

Aww yay! We love working with influencers to spread the word of Peggy Sue. We're currently only working with Australian influencers - sorry overseas guys... Maybe one day. There's a couple of ways you can reach out. Either send us an email to with your details or just send us a DM on Instagram

2. Where can I send my press enquiry?

First of all, thanks for thinking of us! If you want to go ahead and send any and all info to, the powers-that-be will get it to the right person.

HELP! You still haven't answered my question

1. Still have questions? 

So sorry about that! We're trying to expand our FAQs to make sure we can help as many people as we can. So if you have a question that's not covered here, email us at and we'll be happy to help. Who knows, your question could pop-up here soon after.



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