Did Someone Say Effective Eye Cream

Product shot of Intensive Eye Cream

Mmm, did someone say COFFEE!

You would be forgiven if you grabbed our Intensive Eye Cream instead of your morning cup of coffee! The reason why? Because this adorable and incredibly rewarding jar of goodness is made up of just that, COFFEE!! 

The same thing that allows many of us to function in the mornings is what we have made sure is a hero ingredient in our Intensive Eye Cream. Coffee or the caffeine present in coffee is what keeps all of our beautiful Peggy Sue community looking bright-eyed all day long! 

When applied to the skin, caffeine works by reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness by constricting blood vessels, so your skin can tighten and look youthful all day long. And I don’t know about you, but it is just what my skin craves throughout these Winter months. Our Intensive Eye Cream also doubles up as an incredibly gentle moisturiser for your neck and décolletage area if you feel adventurous. 

Product shot of Intensive Eye Cream

If you’re new to using eye cream, then this little jar with an almighty spirit is the perfect place to start and is extremely simple to apply. After applying your serum and before moisturising, use your ring finger to dab a small amount around your eye area each morning and night. 

So, if your Uncle Joe has recently asked you that dreaded question… ‘are you tired?’It might be time to start using our Intensive Eye Cream and let coffee work its glorious magic. 

One double shot latte and an Intensive Eye Cream coming right up. xx

Try it for yourself.

Also available throughout super cute and select Skincare Bundles.



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