Incense Sticks - Grounding 


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Sandalwood + Cedarwood + Mandarin

Why You Will Love It

Our Grounding Incense Sticks provide you with a beautiful aroma that will transport you to a peaceful night by the camp fire. 

Each Incense Stick is made using natural wood powder and hosts a warming essential oil blend of Mandarin, Sandalwood + Cedarwood, a grounding scent that allows you to truly unwind.


Includes 10 Incense Sticks. Apx 10 hours burn time

How To Use

Place incense stick in holder and ignite the tip. Burn for 5 seconds before blowing out the flame. Sit back and enjoy the smoulder and fragrance as it grounds your senses.

Please Note: Always burn under supervision and keep out of reach of children. Burn in a well ventilated room.

Product shot of Blue Tansy Facial Oil

Why Not Make It A Trio?

Trio Of Incense

Our Incense Sticks provide you with 3 beautiful aromas that will transport you to warm summer nights, affectionate date nights and restful self-care days. Made using natural wood powder and hosting unique, essential oil blends that will guide you through the day.

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Customer Reviews

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A beautiful scent

This incense is amazing. Such a cute gift! My team was obsessed with this one!

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