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Moving from single-use to reusable not only helps reduce the amount of materials we use but offers significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, which are directly linked to global warming and our climate crisis. 

According to The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, if refill bottle designs and business models were applied to all bottles in beauty, personal care and home cleaning, the packaging and transport savings would represent an 80–85% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to today’s traditional single-use bottles. This is a huge saving and shows the positive impact refills can have on addressing climate change. 

We know to reach global climate targets of reducing global warming to 1.5 degrees from pre-industrial levels by 2050, we have to change how we produce products and packaging, and how much we consume. We believe buying a full container each time is way too much. This is the primary reason we’re proud to say over 80% of Peggy Sue packaging is reusable. 

Benefits of Refill

Improved experiences: Our luxury packaging is designed to stand the test of time. We’ve designed it with you in mind, so we hope our packaging becomes part of your clean beauty self-care routines.

Reduced CO2: We want to help people reduce their carbon footprint by knowing the true environmental cost of what we buy. Each product has an impact, and we stand for making ours as minimal as possible until a point where we can reach carbon neutrality. 

Reduced Materials:Wherever possible, we should eliminate the need to use materials where there are other options available. Refill does just that. Materials are so precious and we want to help you to keep using our glass and aluminium packaging to prevent the need for new. 

Feel Fantastic! We know switching to reuse can take a little bit of getting used to, but we truly believe the benefits out way any other way and it feels great to know our actions are the most effective in reducing environmental impacts. 

How Our Refill System Works

- Your first refill bottle comes filled, so simply hop online to our store or head to one of our stockists! 

- When you’re running low, don’t forget to order a top up with one of our refill pouches available on our online store or your nearest stockist. 

-When your pouch arrives and before topping up, wash your bottle + parts, disinfect and allow it to dry. Carefully refill your bottle ready for your next moment of self-care. 

-Give the pouch a good rinse and return to a participating RedCycle drop off location. 

-Share the love! We love hearing your refill stories, let’s inspire others to ditch single use. 

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