Lip Tubes

Recycling Our Lip Tubes

Who knew our little lip tubes would be so hard to crack! While our lip tubes are made of a 100% recyclable FSC certified cardboard, when small, 3D cardboard components enter our recycling facilities they can slip through machinery or be misidentified. We've verified each component of our packaging through an evaluation tool that confirms based on the weight, material, size, inks whether it will likely be recovered in Australia and New Zealand's recycling system.

Unfortunately, due to the size and 3D structure of the tubes, it means our tubes need a helping hand to make sure they get recycled. All you need to do is get creative! If you are able to make sure the tube is made to be as flat as possible it has a much greater chance of being made into something new and fabulous in the future. The little card inserts within the lid can be popped in a used envelop to make sure they don't slip through...and for this mother nature (and we) will thank you.

We also recommend that you do not compost our lovely lip tubes. We want wherever possible for our packaging to go on and have a second life and unless a material is certified compostable to Australian standards, it should not be composted either at home or via FOGO facilities if they accept compostable packaging. The AS4736 logo is for industrial compostable goods, and AS5810 is for home compostable materials. These certifications make sure that whatever is composted does not harm the delicate balance of soil ecosystems. So although it is widely promoted that cardboard tubes are 100% home compostable, without the true certification (we haven't found any that meet this code) they shouldn't be composted.

Rest assured, we're continuing to work on a refillable solution for our lip tubes as well, but until then, we hope this helps you to effectively recycle our beautiful lip tubes :)

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