Peggy Sue is an ethical brand cultivating a community that helps you slow down and create beautiful moments of sustainable self care. Through natural self-care routines, we want to help people slow down and get off the treadmill of life, allowing people to recentre, restore and be present, not just for themselves but for those around them. 

Self care offers the opportunity to: 

1. Improve emotional and physical health 

2. Relax responses to manage stress 

3. Provide (valuable) time alone 

We believe healthier, happier people create thriving communities. 


Are your products pregnancy safe?

Although we always use safe levels of essentials oils, we do always recommend to check with your doctor before use AND doing a patch test to make sure you're good to go.

Where are your products made?

All of our products are made right here in Australia :)

Do you test your products on animals? 

Absolutely not! None of our products are tested on our furry little friends - as it should be.

Do you use synthetics in your products?

Nope! All of our products contain 100% natural ingredients. Just the way we like it

Are all of your products vegan?

Majority of our products are vegan friendly, however we do use Beeswax in all of our Lip Products as we have tried and tested other waxes but have found that it has the best results while using natural ingredients.

Do your products contain palm oil?

We don't use palm oil as an ingredient in any of our products, however most cosmetic emulsifiers and a large amount of emollients may contain palm oil derivatives.

 What's in the seeded paper and how do I use it?

Our seeded paper currently has the seeds of Swan River Daisies (Brachycome Iberidifolia). It is Indigenous to Central Australia and prefers light-medium soils in an open, sunny position. It is a hardy drought + frost resistant plant so great for those of us that struggle to keep our plant-babies alive.

To use your card, soak it in water until it's soft. Place it on seed-raising mix in a pot or the ground and lightly cover with more mix and water, ensuring the paper stays moist. You should start to see little sprout-lets in 7-21 days.

The journey ahead… 

We will continue to promote the use of our refill system so it remains our ‘norm’ and continue to find ways to improve the refill process through better product formulations (such as our pourable Facial Cleanser) or packaging features. 

Beyond this, we will be looking at how we can source and use recycled content into our glass and refill pouches. This will help us to use materials already in circulation and prevent the need to use ‘new’ material. 


What payment methods do you have?

We offer payments via Credit Card, Paypal and Afterpay. Your Peggy Sue Pennies also act like store credit, so whatever you have banked up, you can use towards your purchase.

How do I redeem my Peggy Sue Pennies?

Yay! You've got some Pennies saved up. All you need to do is sign in to your account and then proceed to the payment section at checkout. You'll then see the option to redeem your Peggy Sue Pennies above our other Payment methods. Just select the check box and checkout as normal.

Does pricing include taxes?

Yes, our prices already have 10% GST added, so no cheeky extra's charged at checkout.

Where do you ship to?

We ship all around Australia. At this time, we do not ship Internationally.

Do you have any stores?

Sadly we no longer have a shop-front. BUT you might still be able to find Peggy Sue in a store near you through our big wholesale network. Check our Store Finder.

How long will my delivery take?

Check our shipping + delivery page for more details on shipping timelines.

Is my data safe?

It sure is friend! It would be our worst nightmare if your information got into the wrong hands, which is why we don't share ANYTHING. Your payment information and personal details are kept hush hush and safely secure.


Why do you use glass bottles? 

Glass is an excellent material when it comes to reusability and is 100% recyclable if and when it is no longer required for reuse. As we're designing for longevity, we wanted bottles that have a prideful place in anyone's home, looking amazing AND doing their part for the planet.  

Why do you use aluminium bottles for some?

As we are committed to eliminating waste wherever we can we have moved some products into more durable aluminium bottles. While glass ticks so many boxes, we found customers were accidently breaking the glass bottles when using in the shower (wet soap surfaces and fragile materials are not a great combination). This resulted in a lot of product loss, refillable packaging going to waste and of course a safety issue for our customers. So, for this reason, for our more 'shower based' products, we felt it best to consider an alternative that still delivers on sustainability, longevity and looking their part, but provides a bit more durability.  

Why no pumps??

Pumps are made of lots of little components- metal springs, plastic tubes and handles, which when combined cannot be easily cleaned between refills or separated to be recycled. We have optimised the pour of our natural goodies so that we can eliminate this component, reduce material consumption and prevent waste. Win, win eh?!

Why recyclable over compostable refills? 

All of our packaging is designed to follow the waste management hierarchy. Plastics get a lot of bad press, and quite rightly so at times. But we believe its the system around the material that needs to be addressed, overconsumption will of course always have negative impacts. It can often be that plastics can have a much lower environmental impact compared to other materials so we needed to ensure we were deciding based on how to best protect and distribute our products, work in sync with the waste management infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand as well our commitment to design out waste. We chose to use an LDPE, BOPP and PET multi-layer flexible plastic which after a quick rinse is accepted through Australia's RedCycle and New Zealand's Soft Plastic Scheme. Recyclable materials have the ability to be created into new products, thus extending the material use and contributing to a lower environmental impact. Long term, we also hope to be able to integrate recycled plastic into the pouches, reducing the need for virgin materials being used, which will further reduce the environmental impact. While in some applications compostables have a valuable role in a circular economy, they often rely on virgin sources and need very specific conditions to safely return to the soil after they've been used, and currenlty industrial compostable packaging is not widely accepted in food and organic waste services. We want to maximise the life of all our packaging and using compostable pouches only once, even if they can be safely returned into the environment for us was not the best solution.

How have you reduced your secondary packaging and why?

Secondary packaging (the boxes bottles/jars come in), as beautiful as ours is, can often be an unnecessary component when we consider the whole packaging system. For our smaller pack formats where we need a little more space to fit all our lovely ingredients and legal requirements, they serve a purpose. However, we felt for our larger formats, our bottles are beautiful enough, so we could save precious natural resources. To do this, we've had to upgrade some of our postal mailers, to make sure our bottles are well protected.

Are you glass bottles + jars recyclable?

Yes! Firstly, we hope you can use your glass for as long as possible, remember to refill! All our label sizes are minimised to ensure they only cover a certain percentage of the bottle, so the glass will be easily identified and sorted for recycling. But if it comes a time where your glass bottle/jar is no longer serving its purpose and after rinsing out they can be placed into your recycling bin. However, as we're limited on what we could print directly on to the bottles, we've had to introduce PET labels onto the glass. To improve the recyclability of the glass it would be great is you could remove the labels from the bottles before putting in your recycling bin. Plastic labels do not easily break apart and can mean that some glass remains stuck to the plastic and prevents it from being recycled.

How long can I reuse my packaging for?

We have designed our packaging to allow easy cleaning. This means that as long as you throughly clean and disinfect your packaging each time you refill it the bulk of the packaging can be used indefinitely. If any small component of your packaging (eg lid seal, dripper plug) requires replacement please reach out to us at hello@peggysueco.com.au and we'll see what we can do to help you out.

Postal Mailers 

Each delivery you receive, be it your first refill bottle, or a refill pouch will come in one of our mailer posters. Currently this is the only cardboard we use that is not FSc certified, but we’re looking to upgrade our mailers later this year to bring them in line with our Peggy Sue packaging. 

Beyond our packaging, we recently conducted a Bin Trim Assessment to understand how we can maximise recycling and as a priority minimise waste to landfill from our warehouse. This identified companies we can partner with to ensure our harder to recycle products can be safely recycled or repurposed and it was also oh so informative! The Flagstaff Group offers the collection of film and soft plastics in order to recycle responsibly. It helped educate our team on best practices in regards to recyclable materials in the workplace so we’re collectively minimising the amount of waste from Peggy Sue ending up in landfill. Did you know you cannot recycle paper towels!? We have also implemented segregated bin systems to capture general waste and recyclables in shared spaces and put our learnings into action every day! 


I'm an influencer and would love to collab. How can I contact you?

Aww yay! We love working with influencers to spread the word of Peggy Sue. We're currently only working with Australian influencers - sorry overseas guys... Maybe one day. There's a couple of ways you can reach out. Either send us an email to hello@peggysueco.com.au with your details or just send us a DM on Instagram @peggysue.co

Where can I send my press enquiry?

First of all, thanks for thinking of us! If you want to go ahead and send any and all info to hello@peggysueco.com.au, the powers-that-be will get it to the right person.


I'm not happy with my purchase, can I return it?

Well this makes us sad - sorry you're not satisified with your purchase! You can return it to us as long as it is unused and unopened (or if it's faulty). Check our Returns Policy for more info or contact the team at hello@peggysueco.com.au

I purchased a product from a stockist. Can I return it to you?

If you purchase your Peggy Sue goodies from one of our beautiful stockists then you will need to contact them and follow their returns policy. 


If after trialling my products after 30 days and I am still not happy with them how do I claim my 30 day money back guarantee?

If you’ve purchased some beautiful Peggy Sue goodies and after having trialled them for 30 days are unhappy with the products or results (extremely unlikely, we promise!) simply email us at hello@peggysueco.com.au to arrange a refund. You'll then just need to ship the products back to us and we'll get your refund processed once the parcel reaches our warehouse. Return shipping will be at the cost of the customer and you will assume all risk for lost, stolen or damaged goods during transit (but really, we're sure you'll be super happy with your purchase and wont ever want to part with them!)

Still have questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out!



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