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Ten reasons why you'll fall in love with our Body + Bath Oil Range! 

Just like Andie Anderson in 'How to lose a guy in 10 days, we think ten days is all you need to fall in love with something… Although, we all know it most likely only took her a few days to fall in love with Benjamin (Ben) Barry (those eyes). But back to why we're all here. We've broken down the ten reasons why you'll fall in love with our Body + Bath Oil in only ten days - Not that you'll need that long. 

Our ten reasons!

  1. If you're anything like the Peggy Sue Team, winter can be tough on our skin. That is why our Pink Body + Bath Oil is a team favourite, as it adds incredible hydration to your skin after each use.
  2. We use only natural ingredients, which means that the product smells delicious and is incredibly gentle on your skin. It's also free of any nasties, yay!
  3. We might be biased, but have you seen how gorgeous this bottle of goodness is? Its aesthetic makes it the perfect gift.
  4. Not only is this Body + Bath Oil perfect for your skin it also keeps your hair feeling and looking silky smooth. Apply it to dry, split ends for maximum results.  
  5. I don't know about you, but the colder days have my hands and nails screaming for some love! Lucky for you, our Body + Bath Oil is excellent to apply to your hands and cuticles to lock in moisture and give your nails that little extra boost they were asking for. 
  6.  You have just run yourself a bath, and you have completely forgotten to pick up one of our Bath Brews! Never fear; our Body + Bath Oil is the perfect addition to your bath. Add 20-30 drops into the tub, take a deep breath and relax. 
  7. If you didn't already know, this bottle of goodness is packed full of coconut and jojoba oil, both incredible for adding moisture to your skin. The coconut oil also gets extra brownie points for providing anti-inflammatory properties linked to reducing fine lines and stretch marks. 
  8. This little beauty is Australian made, organic and has no synthetic ingredients, winning!
  9. Okay, buckle up. These last two are major!! Not only is our OG Body + Bath Oil a total knockout, it now has two NEW delicious flavours joining it in the lineup. Our White Body + Bath Oil and Blue Body + Bath Oil are here! Each with an individual flavour that is lightly scented to have you smelling divine after each use. 
  10. It's also available in super cute and super beautiful minis if you purchase our Beauty Oil Trio. $5 from every Trio purchase donated to our partner charity, Destiny Rescue. A little bonus for your self-care ritual that you can feel extra good about!
Product shot of Pink Body + Bath Oil

So, what are you waiting for? Take the challenge and fall in love with our Body + Bath Oil range in only ten days… 

Who are we kidding? You will only need one! 




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