Stockist Of The Month - We Are Mindful

Studio space shot of We Are Mindful

Get to know our Stockist Of The Month - We Are Mindful

Here, at Peggy Sue, we love building a community that fosters beautiful moments of self-care. 

We also love being able to partner with incredible Stockists who share this same principle and our Stockist of the Month - We Are Mindful, is no different! 

So, join us as we get to know them a little better and discover why they created such a beautiful space. 

About We Are Mindful

We Are Mindful is a store, studio and gallery space in the heart of Cronulla, NSW.

Informed by owner Kathryn Batty’s background as a nutritionist, everything in their store has been personally and thoughtfully sourced from small, like-minded brands around the world who align with their ethos of consciousness, curiosity and connection.

Their collections are made up of products that are often both functional and beautiful, and their selection is highly curated and ever-changing. 

They favour natural-based ingredients, natural fibres, sustainable, fair trade and ethically-produced products above all else.

Cronulla coastline

Photo by Dmitry Osipenko on Unsplash  

The all important questions

1. What is your store name? 

We are Mindful

2. Where are you located? 

Cronulla, NSW

3. Why did you start up this beautiful business? 

I saw an opportunity within my local community to provide beautiful and functional sustainable products and gifts.

4. Describe your business in three words? 

Conscious, curious and community

5. What does self-care mean to you? 

Self-care is a way of balancing your health and wellbeing.

6. What is your favourite Peggy Sue product? 

My favourite product is the Bath Brews as taking a bath is a self-care ritual I enjoy often

7. What is your ultimate life hack? 

I believe in working hard, being true to yourself and having a positive mindset

8. If you were stuck on an island & could only bring three things with you what would they be? 

I'm a practical person so I would go with a lighter, knife, first aid kit

You can learn more about We Are Mindful here.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us, We Are Mindful! 




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