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Product shot Pink Dragonfruit Mask

One little jar full of a whole lot of goodness

It is no secret that skincare products these days can be packed full of nasties. Nasties, like artificial colours & fragrances that can block pores, increase skin irritations and worst of all, the chemicals used can be absorbed into your body causing damage. 

But, it is not all doom and gloom, actually, we’ve got a simple and effective product that combats this issue and leaves your skin glowing and quite frankly, in our opinion, looking delicious!

The Peggy SuePink Dragonfruit Face Mask made of Australian Pink Clay and infused with Vitamin C is the product that solves all your worries. Unlike other Pink Clay Masks, ours is loaded with Dragonfruit, Tasmanian Pepper Berry and Desert Lime extract to boost the skin's overall collagen production.

Lady enjoying Pink Dragonfruit Mask

The Pink Clay works to pull out impurities and excess oil that is sure to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. It's great to apply by brush or with your hands if you’re feeling up for the challenge. 

It, like all of our products, is Australian-made, vegan friendly and cruelty-free.  

So, next time you are considering a face mask, make sure you pay close attention to the product labels and find products that embrace using natural alternatives to create beautiful colours & scents instead of any nasties. It could really make all the difference to your skincare routine!

Avoid nasties and embrace the natural by trying the Pink Dragonfruit Face Mask for yourself. 

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Also available in our gorgeous Face Mask Duo



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