Guilt-free R&R tips!

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The Peggy Sue Crews self-care tips

If you have felt like 2021 has been one big roller coaster, you are not alone! It is the year that continues to have many ups and downs, and, if you’re anything like us here at Peggy Sue, it has meant our rest and relaxation quotas are well and truly maxed out. Still, we believe that these moments to restore have definitely been essential and are not something to feel any guilt about. 

Studies have shown that carving out some time throughout your day to practice r&r can reduce stress levels, lower anxiety, slow down ageing, reduce physical pain and improve sleep quality and concentration. Life hack win!! 

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So, with that said, our Peggy Sue Crew have listed their top pick for some much-needed r&r, and maybe you can draw some inspiration from these and find time for yourself because everyone deserves a moment to reset!

“A nice, juicy glass of wine by our backyard fire pit.”

Shanah, Founder

“I think a shower, taking time for myself, washing away the stress and caring for my skin.”

Alysha, Director

“A hot shower or enjoying a morning coffee while burning some incense.”

Lauren, Wholesale Manager

“Go for a skate! Or, lovingly hide from my kids and kick back with a cup of tea.”

Ant, Warehouse Extraordinaire

“Finding interesting dishes to cook or heading on a hike where I can be in nature.”

Ally, General Manager

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