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What Sets Peggy Sue Apart?

What makes us stand out from the crowd from other natural skincare companies? It could be our vast range of all-natural skincare products, our efforts towards more sustainable packaging, or just our authenticity to be as transparent as possible with our Peggy Sue Community… We like to think it is a mixture of all three and a little bit more. We also will never compromise quality over costs and we hope this translates across our entire range.  

Did you know that the cosmetics industry alone is accountable for up to 40% of landfill waste? Here, at Peggy Sue, we HATED being a part of that and we truly believe that the responsibility lies with brands, just as much as it does with consumers to reduce our consumption. For this reason, we did something that is commonly unheard of in the beauty industry... We switched all of our skincare range to sustainable glass packaging, which is sturdy enough to be bought once and then refilled over and over again. We also introduced product refills that contain 80% less plastic than the lid of the glass bottles. We have designed our range of natural skin care products with the goal of pioneering a trend that will break the consume-and-discard cycle. On top of this, we acknowledge that our skin is natural and that it will always respond best to natural ingredients, which is why we use all-natural and organic ingredients where possible - Better for both your skin and the environment.

Refill Sachet

So, whether you have been part of the Peggy Sue Community for years or you are considering making the switch over to our beautiful range of skincare products, rest assured that we will continue to make products that are good for your skin and good for the environment. 

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