Why we are boycotting Black Friday

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Give the gift that gives more this Christmas!

So, where do we begin....


Alysha & I have been chatting quite a lot about our values & what we want to achieve through Peggy Sue. 

Coming up to Black Friday, we know it's a global event that dominates the retail industry. Naturally, we all go nuts buying all the things that we may or may not need, whether for Christmas presents or ourselves.

With all the sales everywhere, who wouldn't stock up right!? Plus, the cost of living in Australia is crazy high and saving where you can makes sense. We get it. 

BUT we've been thinking through what it looks like to sacrifice for the sake of others this Christmas?

We've decided this year that we will not be participating in Black Friday. 

Instead of offering a 20% discount across our site, we will donate 20% of all sales placed on the 26th of Nov directly to our charity partners Destiny Rescue.

Destiny Rescue work tirelessly to rescue children from the horrific sex trafficking industry.

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The average cost is only $1,500 to free a child from sexual slavery & help them begin a new life of freedom. 

It gives us goosebumps every time we think about the actual kids on the other end who had no hope of escaping their predators but are now being rescued because of a small decision we've all made.

So we hope you join us as we slow down this Black Friday to make a sacrifice that will literally be saving the lives of precious young children who are completely lost in the dark corners of the world. 

What an incredible opportunity to give the gift that gives so much more this Christmas.

Be sure to pencil in this Friday, 26th, as the day you place a Peggy Sue order & let's rescue some children this Christmas! 

Shanah + Alysha




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